& Dual Award

The Faculty provides unique opportunities for trans-national collaborative models with a portfolio of over 50 various programmes ranging from diploma, to postgraduate studies.


Our team assists you at every stage and provide personalized support to ensure a successful implementation

Our team has range of custom-designed curriculum for private and public partners in the South East Asian region.



Whether short courses, CPE or full-fledged curriculum at undergraduate or postgraduate level, we create learning experiences acclaimed by students, adapted to your needs. 

Our team has global experiences in designing campus and learning space that is able to assist you in drawing a unique competitive advantage to your campus

While traditional classrooms remain central in teaching, the change of generations and learning styles invite education providers to consider and conceptualize alternative learning spaces 



Our team has developed effective solution plans to ease critical processes such as timetabling, consolidation of purchasing and students database.

While Learning experiences are central to the education industry, academic operations has direct impact to student's satisfaction and encourage competitive edge.

OPERATION Management

Create competitive edge by reinforcing your academic team or develop new capabilitie by  providing effective training.

Our team has an extensive track record of conducting training on pedagogy & learning techniques, helping our partner & clients keeping abreast with the latest practices.


& Learning

Our team has over 20 years of experience marketing and promoting educative products in higher education. 

Effective communication and sales strategies are keys in ensuring a company's visibility and positioning its educative products to the right target market. 


& Marketing

Our team provide a wide range of audit services and conduct strategic business evaluation to provide you with insightful data to make informed critical decisions. 

In an increasingly competitive market, education providers must be equipped with clear development strategies and managerial solutions to achieve growth and commercial success.



Our team is part of numerous research network and shares its expertise in setting up journals and the key for successfully publishing in top journals.

Research becomes a priority for any institution moving towards a University-College status or full-fledged University. The implementation of a research culture brings challenges and must be strategized effectively. 

Academic Research


We enjoy sharing our passion for education and provide insights on current enterprises, methods as well as analysis on the upcoming trends and the paradigm shift in the education line. 


We conduct talks at conferences, symposiums, forums, and seminars for the educators' community in various parts of the world. 



Curriculum Design :

Looking into the 4th industrial revolution

Public Private Partnership:

A retrospective of a decade of P.P.P for TVET

Learning Space Design :

Beyond norms and practices.

Leadership for Education :

Bringing your institution to success

Starting a Research Culture :

Unlocking your team's potential 


TNE is a division of the Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management at Taylor's University overlooking the development of collaborations, and providing consulting services to our global partners.


The Ideal



Whether you are looking for setting up a Franchise programme, Dual Award, expertise to start up or enhance your education business, we assist you in achieving growth and long term success.